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Power Line Services

Secondary Power Line - Private Power Line

Trees that are in close proximity to overhead power lines could compromise public safety and the reliability of your electricity supply. If there are trees on your property that are near power lines and need to be trimmed or removed because of storm and wind damaged, ice storm and fallen trees, or law enforcement by the power utility, we are here to help. 


If a tree on your property is within three meters of an overhead power line, do not attempt to prune it yourself. Our qualified staff and contractors will trim its branches for you and eliminate the hazard. 

If a tree is near a service wire that feeds electricity directly to your home, it is your responsibility to have it trimmed, and not one of your Hydro suppliers. In such cases, we will arrange a temporary planned outage on your property, if required, to create a safe work environment to allow a proper trimming or removal of the trees or the hazard. You may submit your request for these forestry power line services by filling out our request form.

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